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Do not listen to others who say that Newgrounds is not the place for live action entertainment because this was absolutely incredible. First thing I have to compliment is the directing and writing which felt realer than a lot of actual B movies.The premise provided a lot of suspense and the direction you chose was an interesting one and could not really be expected. Creative, unique, this was a suspenseful short film that I can safely say is possibly one of the greatest short films I have ever seen. Kudos to you and I will be looking for more!

hopelesswonder responds:

People like you are the reason why I continue to make films/create. You'll be happy to know, that the next one is a pilot based on the NG universe. I hope that you enjoy it. Should be up next month :)

The humor really works for me, especially the guys voice which is absolutely hilarious. The girls voice is pretty funny too but its more in like a cutesy way. Overall, pretty darn good.

People get offended way too easily.

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A shame you put Amnesia music with a lame excuse for a title like Slender... Oh well, the game was well made though and I do like your 2d version. Good job!

While the dialogue was pretty clever and witty, the gameplay was a bit frustrating and seemingly buggy. Overall, I liked it and I wanted to like it more but the gameplay was just....average. Nothing too special about it and frustrating.

Great artwork, but the gameplay needs a lot of work and is unnecessarily frustrating.

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Quite possibly one of the greatest pieces of audio I've heard on this site. Not only was it incredibly creative, the vocals and guitar went fantastically with basically everything, and it doesn't hurt knowing that all that together creates this which I can really only describe as a masterpiece.

psycopathmusic responds:

This comment warms the heart! Much thanks for the support.

Have to say, the lyrics are kinda bad, but they don't really distract from the awesomeness of the instrumental music. Good work!

Possibly responds:

Well, it's very disloyal of me, but yes, I agree :) Cheers!

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This is absolutely beautiful; everything to me is done brilliantly. Good Job!

Pretty good. Like the creativity and the originality showcased here. Reminds me of some psychedelic stuff from the 70's.

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